FLOWpresso offers a unique, non-invasive stimulation and drainage therapy. Used to enhance blood and lymphatic flow, to improve the cellular environment and promote relaxation and sleep management.


FLOWpresso is a combination of of three therapies:

  1. Each individual piece is fitted with individual chambers to provide a compression, similar to the physiological pressure, that aids the return of blood from the extremities to the heart and the removal of stagnating fluids (toxins) from the tissue, via the lymphatic system.  Unlike other compression systems FLOWpresso is designed to cover most of the body to improve lymphatic drainage.

  2. FLOWpresso provides a compression similar too, Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT). When applied to the body the parasympathetic system (the healing capacity of the body to rest, digest and repair the entire body) comes online, calming and bringing a sense of well-being.  DPT research has shown this therapy increases endorphin levels and release the “happy hormones” serotonin and dopamine.

  3. Far Infrared heat is offered within each individual piece.  A growing body of clinical evidence supports the use of Far Infrared heat as a non-invasive health promoting therapy.  Research to date has shown it has a sleep modulating effect and produces a blood-circulation enhancing effect, on human skin.


FLOWpresso maintains and encourages a general state of health and well-being and helps reduce the risk of certain chronic diseases and conditions. FLOWpresso has been seen to:

  • Improve circulation and lymphatic drainage;

  • Promote relaxation;

  • Improve energy;

  • Support stress management;

  • Improve recovery in health and sport;

  • Improve endurance in sport;

  • Promote sleep management, which may help when living with anxiety,                                                                      chronic fatigue, stress-associated conditions;

  • Improve general mobility;

  • Promote weight loss;

  • Relieve tiredness and heaviness in the arms/legs;

  • Improve health and well-being

  • Many more…..



A FLOWpresso session lasts between 35 and 45 minutes but please allow an hour, as there is time required to get you set up in the garment and then removed.

Side Effects

Side effects are very similar to a massage or Lymphatic Therapy for e.g increased urination, bowel motion and headache. We do suggest you drink 1 glass of water prior to the session to get the optimal from this therapy as well as with post therapy to reduce chances of detoxification symptoms.



FLOWpresso is contraindicated for:

  • Heart disease especially if increased blood flow is detrimental eg congestive heart failure or high BP

  • Pregnancy

  • Acute infection of the affected limb eg cellulitis

  • Acute/chronic bronchitis

  • Deep Vein Thrombosis, DVT

  • Fractures

  • Electronic medical implants 

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