a healing journey; is unique
and our approach is tailored to you
At the heart of our philosophy lies a few fundamental observations - that in most cases, the human body is born healthy, has an innate ability to heal itself, and its emotional and energetic states matter. These observations and the following principles guide our therapy and education: 

Support health at the cellular level — the environment the cells live in, and how they interact. This environment can effect cell development, function, and longevity. To explain in simple terms, think of your cell environment as a fish bowl. If the water is clean, the fish (your cells) will be happy and healthy. If the water becomes cloudy, the fish’s overall health declines. Re-balancing the water improves the health of the fish. Overall health is rooted in a healthy terrain. 

The emotional and energetic state  — this has an extraordinary impact on health and well-being. Identifying limiting beliefs, thoughts and emotions, helps to change the way the mind effects the body.

Health isn’t only in the hands of a Healthcare Practitioner — it’s helping someone realise it is also in theirs. Our primary goal is to educate and empower people to become an active partner in their own healing. To provide self-care techniques and support so someone can feel informed and in control of their health journey.


We want you to be the best version of you!


For the last 3 year we had been trying to find a cure for my CFS. I only made it to school for two half days a week and couldn't get out of bed most days. I had to give up all my sports and spent no time with my friends.  It was recommended that we try FLOW (or the Moon suit as I called it).  It was truly amazing as after six sessions I am back to school nearly full time, playing with my friends every weekend and I have picked up some of my old sports.  After each session we started to notice bigger and bigger changes in my energy, sleep and recovery.  Each session saw me getting closer to the life I had before being diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue.  I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is struggling with CFS or any other type of illness.

—  Leighton, 11 years old

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