remedial therapy with Desiree

Our focus here at Aetiology Clinic is to provide you, the support you need, to create the best version of you. We like to capture a full understanding of what you are dealing with so we often use different methods to identify what is going on. 


One of our tools we use is the Nerve Express which is an assessment tool that is used to accurately and quantitatively assess the present status of your autonomic nervous system and your regulatory capacity.  This measures your "stress" and how well you are adapting to life.  Read more

Desiree offers a unique combination of therapies, based on the presentation of the client and can consist of any of the following:

  • Lymphatic Enhancement;

  • Ortho-Bionomy;

  • Fascia Release;

  • Manual Stimulation Techniques;

  • Shiatsu;

  • Hot Stone therapy;

  • Energy work;

  • and more


To arrange an appointment with Desiree please call 0800 459 674 or email.

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