Body Therapy

As our focus is to provide you, the support you need, to create the best version of you, we combine a unique combination of therapies in your session, based on your presentation and needs.


FLOWpresso offers a unique, non-invasive stimulation and drainage therapy. Used to enhance blood and lymphatic flow to improve the cellular environment, promote relaxation and sleep management.

Aetiology Clinic offers a wide range of holistic therapies and techniques that support the whole person in both mind and body. We are here to help guide you on your journey to wellness.

Sounds of Soul

Sounds of Soul uses Heart Rate Variability to translate the body’s own frequencies into sound and colour-light.  Your heart becomes a source of individual music and light. The basic approach of SOS is to help the body’s intelligence to achieve the best possible self-regulation.

Nerve Express

Nerve Express is an assessment tool that is utilised to accurately and quantitatively assess the present status

of the autonomic nervous system (fight/flight or rest/repair) and the regulatory capacity of the client.

External Partnerships

It is important to us that you receive the optimal care so our guarantee to you is, if you require more than we have to offer, we have a external team of highly trained practitioners to refer too.


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