Sound of Soul uses Heart Rate Variability to translate the body’s own frequencies into sound and colour-light.

Heart Rate Variability (HRV)

The HRV is an analytical method in medicine, describing the variability of the heart rate. This is regulated by rhythmic changing activity of the parasympathetic (heal, digest, rest) and sympathetic (fight or flight) division of the autonomic nervous system.


Sound, Light and Color

The sound and colour are based on the continuously changing frequencies of your

heart rate variability, which are converted by SOS into audible frequencies/tones and

related colour/light. Your heart becomes a source of individual music and light.


Your heartbeat is ever changing, ever compensating/ regulating due to

parasympathetic and sympathetic demands. A threat/anxiety, be it real or just

perceived, puts the heart in a state of stress, which in turn is reflected in the HRV.

The basic approach of SOS is to help the body’s intelligence to achieve the best

possible self-regulation.


SOS can also record, edit and evaluate the HRV data. A copy of your SOS music can be downloaded, to allow you to continue to receive the benefits of SOS healing.

SOS is a mirror which makes it possible to reflect yourself

in the Here and Now in form of sound and colour.


Why would Sound of Soul be good for me?

The fundamental approach of Sound of Soul is that the vibration of your heartbeat, is unique like a fingerprint and connecting to that, allows the body to self regulate.


Sound of Soul by AquaQuinta can contribute positively to:

• Create inner peace and balance;

• Strengthen the immune system;

• Improve sleep;

• Relaxation during pregnancy;

• Support stress management;

• Improve concentration and creativity;

• Support the process of “letting go” ;

• Health and Well-being;

• and much more.....


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